Use Social Media to Promote your Restaurant


10 ways to promote your restaurant on social media. Listen up!

1) Create a fan page on Facebook: A fan liking your page can lead to brand loyalty and brand recognition! This can also allow you to give Facebook-fan incentives!

2) Tweet, Tweet!: Use twitter as a micro blog! Twitter is a way to send short, quick messages, like promotions or daily deals! Twitter followers can also re-tweet your post which can allow for more people to see it! Applebee’s does a great job of promoting menu items by adding on a picture that makes your mouth water!

3) Shut up and Listen: Answer your follower’s questions! “where should I go for lunch?” — why not come to our restaurant!! You need to step up and offer your services without being pushy.

4) Foursquare: Your restaurant is able to see who is “checking in” to your restaurant in real-time. You can even offer deals to people who check in!

5) Blog, Blog Away!: Post content in a blog! This is an easy way to then take this and post in into social media. You can blog about anything related to your restaurant and industry. Share interesting facts/information about your food and/or recipes.

6) Yelp: This is a site where users can leave reviews about their experience at your restaurant. You can claim your page (there is probably already one for you) and then respond to the different reviews.

7) Sneak Peak: a one word answer for this promotion is = VIDEOS. They allow you to give behind-the-scenes look at your restaurant, employees, and menu items. You can even interview customers, getting their participation is a great way to make them feel special and they are most likely to share it with friends and family.

8) Google Alerts: Tracking your restaurant brand mentions has been made easier with Google Alerts. All you have to do is go to and set up an account! You’re able to track negative and positive content that you’ll be able to respond to quickly.

9) Go Mobile: Depending on your restaurant you could create an application that allows your customers order from their phone or maybe a better option for you would be to create a better mobile version of your website for smart phones.

10) Create a Calendar: Managing when your social content is release will be easier using a calendar that allows you to input a date and time when information needs to go out. Think quality over quantity.

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